Slate opened in Irvine, California in 2012 as a forward thinking custom furniture division of a successful Haworth dealership. With offices in Irvine CA and Seattle WA, Slate draws our inspiration and expertise from the vibrant and diverse culture on the West Coast. We're always exploring new ways to integrate tech and tooling into our process to make a better collaborative experience with our clients. 

With a client list of large scale businesses needing hundreds of custom workstations, to private clients needing one perfect slab table for their dining room, over the past eight years, Slate has built a broad supply chain that scales to your project. 

Slate executes large scale sheet metal mass production with multi continental supply chains while delivering and installing unique statements of high craft throughout North America. Furniture is extremely diverse and it's always changing. The Slate team is dedicated to applying the best possible in any craft right now.